Giddyup Rocking Stool

Designer: Designtree

Date designed: 2006

Giddyup developed from exploring less static ways of sitting. I wanted to combine the use of the saddle with the idea of ‘active’ sitting, and by doing so provide a fun experience for the user.

I often find myself wondering about the stories ingrained in the scruffs, scratches, and wear marks of the old saddles: where did the saddle come from, what sort of person owned and cared for it, and what was the horse or pony like that wore it?

Dimensions:                                                                        650mm H x 610mmW x 825mmL

European Birch plywood or American Ash Timber, re-purposed leather saddle, stainless steel screws.

Natural with non-toxic citrus oil finish or dark stain with non-toxic citrus oil finish.

Lead time:
We try to hold all products in stock.  If we do not have it in stock allow a 3-5 week lead time for this product.

Features:                                                                                  - FSC-certified marine grade European Birch plywood or Solid American Ash Timber frame

- Up-cycled leather horse saddle


Giddyup Rocking Stool Spec Sheet